Katherine Sabbath

There is no question about it, Katherine Sabbath leads a technicolour life. Having whipped up a sweet signature style bursting with colour, flavour and personality, the vibrant home baker has become a master of her craft, and she’s here to spill the (jelly) beans.

The Milk Pantry

When Jess Beveridge was breastfeeding her three babes, she struggled. Plagued with mastitis and a fluctuating milk supply, Jess found solace in a homemade batch of lactation cookies. Now, Jess is helping other mums through her business, which has been recognised with the Sunshine Coast Business Award for sustainability.

Colin Fassnidge

Colin Fassnidge knows a thing or two about drumsticks – and I’m not talking about the poultry kind. The Dublin-born celebrity chef, known for his bold take on nose-to-tail cooking, also has a penchant for drumming, to the extent he almost made a name for himself as a musician instead.

Box Brownie

Having entered the real estate photography market in the era of film, Brad Filliponi has not only seen the industry grow into the digital age, he and his business partner Mel Myers are driving the next generation with an innovative concept gaining worldwide traction.

Compass Institute

Having a disability, doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze the best out of life – just ask 27-year-old Sarah Fitzpatrick, who is a shining example that all you need is to find your bearings. Enter Compass Institute, the local charity empowering young people to live the life they’re not only capable of, but one they deserve.

Your Mates Brewing Co.

The foodie industry on the Sunshine Coast is booming, and fostering that growth is GrowCoastal, the region's first food accelerator supporting the most innovative food and beverage operators on the Coast. Ahead of the launch of this year’s program in April, we catch up with GrowCoastal alumni Matt Hepburn and Christen McGarry of Your Mates Brewing Co.

Peter Kuruvita

Peter Kuruvita began his love affair with food in the traditional kitchen of his ancestral home in Colombo, Sri Lanka; so it is fitting that after three decades, the award-winning chef and restaurateur returned to his roots through cookbooks, television series and culinary tours.

The Merrymaker Sisters

Caught in a whirlwind of fad diets and quick fixes, only to find they were doing more damage to their bodies and self esteem, Emma and Carla Papas knew there had to be a better way – a healthier and more joyous journey through food.

Aimee Provence

Drawing on the culinary and creative entrepreneurial skills of her English parents, Aimee Russell has created a decadent and delicious high tea parlour serving the most scrumptious scones laden with homemade jam and clotted cream. Profile pulls up a chair at Aimee Provence, to sample the traditional gourmet delights.


With sand between my toes, wind in my hair and a slightly salty finish on the palate, camel milk is an acquired taste. Touted for its abundant health benefits and sustainable practices in which its farmed, it’s become a foodie favourite sweeping the nation.

First Batch Coffee

The world of coffee can be all-consuming, overwhelmed by extraction, bean density and solubles. What happened to just making a great-tasting cuppa? Brent Deller has the answer, creating a recipe for consistency through knowledge and training – resulting in the perfect pour, every time.

Cass Deller

The artform of watercolour is saturating the design industry, adorning clothing and footwear, homewares and textiles, even wallpaper, stationery and accessories. At the centre of it all is Cass Deller, whose bespoke designs are proof that it’s never too late to change careers.

Boom Shankar

For over two decades, Dui Cameron has been injecting colour into women’s wardrobes through her fashion label Boom Shankar, which started as a humble market stall and has grown into an internationally-renowned business.

Nectar and Stone

A fusion of traditional family cooking and a passion for fashion put Caroline Khoo on a path to the whimsical wonderland of Nectar and Stone. The clever cook-turned-author shares how she turned a creative side project into a bountiful ecommerce business sweeping the nation.

Design by Danni

It takes a unique skill to envision a totally transformed home in a mind’s eye, but that is Danni Morrison’s superpower. Boasting the luxe touch of traditional Hamptons style, Danni has become an interior powerhouse through her blogging business Design by Danni.