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Shannon Bennett | Profile Magazine

Shannon Bennett pays homage to classical fine dining in a modern context, having altered his approach in the kitchen from heavy European influence, to more of a celebration of what’s on our doorstep. As MasterChef’s 10th season draws to a close, we chat to the esteemed chef mentoring the contestants to crowning glory.

Colin Fassnidge | Profile Magazine

Colin Fassnidge knows a thing or two about drumsticks – and I’m not talking about the poultry kind. The Dublin-born celebrity chef, known for his bold take on nose-to-tail cooking, also has a penchant for drumming, to the extent he almost made a name for himself as a musician instead.

Heston Blumenthal | Profile Magazine

Heston Blumenthal; the multi-award-winning British celebrity chef, aka, culinary genius needs little introduction. Afterall, he’s cooked up a career on the basis of taking what we think we know about food and challenging it (anyone for nitro-scrambled egg and bacon ice cream?)