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Chilli Festival | Profile Magazine

Do you tear up at the thought of the Crying Tiger? Or are you as brazen as they come and bite into a Carolina Reaper without batting an eyelid? It’s time to put your taste buds to the test at the hottest foodie festival on the Sunshine Coast, as Olivia Sainsbury serves up the annual Hot 91.1 Ignite Chilli Festival.

Shannon Bennett | Profile Magazine

Shannon Bennett pays homage to classical fine dining in a modern context, having altered his approach in the kitchen from heavy European influence, to more of a celebration of what’s on our doorstep. As MasterChef’s 10th season draws to a close, we chat to the esteemed chef mentoring the contestants to crowning glory.

Heston Blumenthal | Profile Magazine

Heston Blumenthal; the multi-award-winning British celebrity chef, aka, culinary genius needs little introduction. Afterall, he’s cooked up a career on the basis of taking what we think we know about food and challenging it (anyone for nitro-scrambled egg and bacon ice cream?)

George Calombaris | Profile Magazine

George Calombaris is one of Australia's most celebrated chefs, largely due to his influential style of modern Greek cuisine sweeping the globe. With MasterChef Australia returning for its ninth season, expansions at his stable of restaurants on the table, and a young family at home; George has a lot on his plate.

Matt Preston | Profile Magazine

Matt Preston is the internationally-acclaimed writer and critic with an immeasurable knowledge of food and finely-tuned palate, who has gone on to become a popular MasterChef Australia judge and best-selling cookbook author. And how can we forget about his flamboyant fashion – forever bringing a little theatre to the meal.